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Jeff Danker - Buckventures

Jeff is Co-Owner and Manager of BVO Productions. He started BuckVentures in 2003 with the motto “Shoot by Sight, Walk by Faith” based off of 2 Corinthians 5:7 and has been hosting hunting shows ever since. Jeff was raised in the country in rural Central Oklahoma. He spent time as a professional team roper before starting his career in television. In addition to hunting for a living, Jeff speaks about his faith in church’s all across the country.  Jeff is married to his wife, Traci, with 2 daughters, Jaylee and Gracie.

website: bvotv.com

Daniel McVay - Buckventures

Daniel was raised in Weston, West Virginia. He grew up hunting with his father from age 3, and was hunting on his own by age 7. Daniel guided hunts in Pike County and along the way, Daniel met Jeff Danker, and so began Daniel’s role in Buckventures Outdoors. Jeff and Daniel’s friendship bloomed into Daniel joining the Buckventures Pro-Staff, and today Daniel is the land manager and co-host for BuckVentures: The Woodsman.

website: bvotv.com

Lucas Hoge - Music Artist

Hoge, original from a town of 44 people in Hubbel, NE relocated to Nashville and was quick to pounce on any opportunity and his willingness to work hard combined with his songwriting prowess proved to be a winning combination.  Warner Bros. featured his song “If I Only Could” on the hit TV show “Smallville.”  Soon after, he began racking up numerous TV, film and commercial credits. He scored a 13-episode series for HBO, wrote a jingle for Lipton Tea and appeared with Faith Hill in the TV campaign for Sunday Night Football.   He wrote the title song and starred in the Animal Planet TV show “Last Chance Highway,” a reality show focused on rescuing dogs and transporting them to their forever homes. He also penned the theme song “Give a Damn” for the GAC TV show “Tom’s Wild Life.” 

Hoge’s was named Cabela’s newest Ambassador along with Luke Bryan and Justin Moore in 2016 and at the same time signed with Rebel Engine Entertainment. This year marked Hoge’s ninth tour overseas performing for our troops on the Wrangler National Patriot Tour.  He’s performed in Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Africa, London, Belgium, Germany, Alaska and more.

His latest single “Boom Boom” is at country radio and spent seven weeks an #1 on CMT!

website: lucashoge.com

Contact Info:

Rebel Engine Entertainment


Dennis Loosier - Dr. Duck

Born and raised in East Texas, Dennis Loosier @DR_Duck spent his childhood chasing deer, squirrel and hogs.  It wans't until later in life that he began the pursuit of waterfowl in Texas.  Without abundant access to private property, Dennis spent the majority of his early hunting years learning the ins and outs of the great public hunting opportunities provided by Texas, seeing success through increased scouting and study of migratory birds.  Currently Dennis owns a local air conditioning company and is fortunate to travel a multi-state area with Hero Outdoor Products, @HeroOutdoorProducts, Billy Campbell @THEFOWLHUNTER and a few of his closest friends attempting to find success with what is now a large, hungry public hunting population.

website: dr-duck.com

Billy Campbell

Raised in Arkansas and East Texas, Billy Campbell @THEFOWLHUNTER spent many of his very early days fishing and hunting squirrel and deer.  Losing his father at a young age, he had gotten away from the outdoors until getting intorduced to Dennis Loosier @DR_DUCK who encouraged him to begin learning the great sport of waterfowl hunting.  Billy is currently the director of marketing and digital technology for a local publishing company and has been chasing ducks with Dennis now for more than 20 years.

website: dr-duck.com

photos by Austin Ferguson

Brad Clay - Final Descent Outdoors

Brad grew up in a tiny town in western Oklahoma where hunting and fishing was a way of life.  However, Brad didn't give his life to Christ until he as a sophomore in high school.  The Lord called Brad into youth ministry and for the last 12 years Brad served in Oklahoma as a youth pastor.  Brad used his love for the outdoors to minister to students as well as others.  Brad founder Final Descent Outdoors as an outreach in his church where it grew into a national TV show that is in 40 million homes in North America.  Brad and his wife, April and four children, Matthias, Ava, Josiah and Sterling have taken a step of faith and have decided to follow the Lord and pursue Final Descent Outdoors and outdoor ministry full time.  Brad also authors bible studies and other material for outdoorsman.

website: finaldescentoutdoors.com


Kendall Jones - Huntress & Outdoor Adventurist

My name is Kendall Jones, I'm a Texas raised hunter, cheerleader, and dedicated Texas Tech student. Born in Cleburne, Texas.  I was raised in the outdoors as a huntress, and I always strive to achieve my personal best in everything that I do.
I have big dreams and ambition to represent the next generation of hunters all over the world. I started hunting when I was just 8 years old and have been in love ever since. At the age of 9, I accompanied my father on his Big 5 hunting trip to Africa in 2004. At the age of 14, I became the youngest person to harvest the Africa Big 5, taking a white rhino, lion, Cape buffalo, leopard, and African elephant. In 2014, I skyrocketed to fame after my Africa hunt posts created a storm of criticism from mainstream media and support from hunters and conservationists around the world. That same year, I received the Safari Club International Youth Hunter of the Year award.

I am currently attending Texas Tech University where I am pursuing a Double Major of Marketing and Management, as well as being a current member of the All-Girl Cheerleading Squad. When I don't have school or cheerleading, I love being in the outdoors and hunting with friends and family. I also have a few episodes on my web series called"Kendall Jones: Game on". This series features my friends and I going on different adventures and taking on different hunts. My biggest goal is to spread the word and bring awareness to conservation. I hope to inspire young children as well as the many female hunters out there to stay in the outdoors!

website: thekendalljones.com

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