Louie Duran

I’ve been hunting since I was 10 years old.  Although waterfowl is my favorite, I do hunt big game also!  I love the great outdoors.  I am the owner of Feathers and Guns Guide Service and I really enjoy hunting and meeting new clients each year.


Travis Malin

I've been an outdoor enthusiast since I was old enough to walk. I started fishing as a youth in Michigan; I thought there was nothing life could offer that would top the thrill of landing a fish.  However when we moved to Oregon my father took me archery hunting and I've been a hunter ever since. Archery hunting was preceded by a passion for upland bird hunting, then a good friend introduced me to waterfowl when I was 14 years old. Watching birds break down over decoys was the coolest thing that I had ever seen, and when it happens to this day, it's still like Christmas morning to a toddler. To me there's nothing better than setting your spread, using your calls to get birds to bank off of the corners, watching them break down over the decoys, pulling the trigger, and watching your own dog retrieving. It's a truly fulfilling feeling that I get to enjoy with good friends, a great wife, and wonderful children that not only support my waterfowling dreams, but also enjoy spending time in the blind with me. In the off season, I enjoy working our dogs and spending time with the family.



Robb Nicolay

I have been hunting for 27 years. My favorite game to hunt is waterfowl but I do also enjoy hunting antelope and deer.  I have been a guide for High Plains wing shooters for 13 years. When I am not enjoying the outdoors and guiding, I am also a social studies teacher and a coach for the Goshen county school district.  I am very family oriented and am blessed to have a wife of 13 years (Tara), a 10 year old son Tyler, and 5 year old daughter Regan.  Calling Contest accomplishments: 2010 Wyoming State Goose Calling Champion, 2010 Tom Harpstreith Memorial Open Goose Champion, 2009 Wyoming State Goose Calling Champion, 2005 Cabela’s Open Duck Champion.

New Mexico

Isaac Martinez

I'm Isaac Martinez, based out of New Mexico (The Desert) I have been a Waterfowler for 15yrs now. I am fortunate enough to live close to Rio Grande River which I have hunted for many years now. We may not have the number other states do, but it only gives us more of a challenge and definitely more rewarding filling those straps. I live and grew up in a small farming town which I wouldn't have it any other way. My best friend's father introduced me to waterfowl, back then it was us kids and one other group on the ponds. Even though our state is known more for Oryx, Muleys and huge Bull Elk my passion is waterfowl. Nothing like getting your dog's out on the water chasing ducks. So rewarding to see all your hard work and time pay off. Anticipating the coming up season, scouting, working your dog's, there no better feeling. Good luck to all out chasing those bird's and have a great season.


Jason Sibley

I live and breathe duck hunting. So much that I joined the local Ducks Unlimited chapter as chairman so that I could help protect that heritage. During duck season I try and hunt every weekend. I am a father of 4 so I have to balance hunting and family life. When I get a chance i am always in the marsh. One of my best moments was watching my daughter in her first year of duck hunting harvesting her first swan. During the off season I try and attend 4 to 6 duck events, youth days, or any other gathering of duck hunters. I am also an avid sportsman in regards to other activities. I hunt big game animals, trap, dove, and quail hunt.


Hunter Pritchard

I’m a huge waterfowler that grew up hunting with my dad.  I love every part of the sport.  My dog is my everything and I do it to feed me and get her having fun on birds as well. I grew up and live in Colorado with great waterfowl and family around me!






Jonathan Ehlers

My name is Jon Ehlers.  I’m 25 years old and have been hunting with Eddie for about 5 years now.  He is the one that got me into hunting ducks.  My favorite hunt that I had was with Eddie when he took me on a 4 day hunt down in Texas.  We got to shoot a variety of birds and great company.

North Dakota

Patrick Boorman

I live in North Eastern North Dakota. My hero would be my grandpa who got me started by taking me on my first waterfowl hunt at 5. I can still remember it today. He let me do all of the calling, which most of the time was both a duck and goose call being blown at the same time. We did manage to get 3 ducks that day and I will never forget it.

South Dakota

Brady Mutschler

I live in Southeastern South Dakota and I've been hunting waterfowl for the last 10 years. I enjoy chasing ducks and geese up and down South Dakota all year long and I can't wait to represent Hero Outdoor Products!


Cody Wiseman

I grew up and currently live in East Central Kansas. Due to playing sports all through a majority of my younger life, I never had the time or the want to go hunting. After I graduated high school and started making some money, I went duck hunting once, and that's all it took , I was hooked. Year after year I get better at calling , scouting and hunting.  Then deer hunting came, then turkey, now  I have an obsession that I can carry on with my son.

Dale Hines

I grew up on the north side of Kansas City, Mo. I started hunting deer and turkey early on with my dad on our family farm. From an early age I knew that hunting and wildlife conservation was going to be a life long passion of mine. Growing up on our family farm between Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge and Nodaway Wildlife Refuge, waterfowl and waterfowl hunting was always the talk of the town. I joined the Air Force when I was 21. I was stationed at McConnell AFB, KS and still currently there. My love for the outdoors and conservation continues to be a way of life.


Jeff Coulter

I was born and raised in the Kansas City Area. I’m married to my best friend Jessica, with 2 children, Aubri and Jase. I work as the Shop Foreman at a Union Sheet Metal Shop in Lenexa, KS.  When I’m not working I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially with family. I am an avid waterfowl and turkey hunter, and I also enjoy designing and fabricating anything out of metal. Custom hunting boats, mud motors, etc… I was born and raised in a family that instilled a passion for two things that have shaped me into the person I am today. First and most important, A love for Jesus Christ my Savior, and a desire to honor Him in all I do. And second, a deep respect and passion for the outdoors.  This passion carries on as strong as ever. I look forward to seeing it passed on in the future generations of my family and friends. There’s not much I enjoy more than witnessing the masterpiece of God’s creation with family and friends, whether it’s a cold winter day sweet talking greenheads into lighting in the decoys, or a crisp spring morning listening to the woods wake up with the sounds of turkeys Gobbling.

Johathan DeHaven

My passion for waterfowl began at 17 years old when a couple of my buddies asked if I wanted to tag along with them during teal season. I never would have imagined I would get hooked on harvesting ducks and geese. Hunting has brought my friends and I even closer and has introduced me to some of the best friends I've ever met along the way. There is no better view than in the duck blind when God puts on a show for you right at sunrise.

Nick Robben

I have spent most of my life in the outdoors. Our house backed to woods  as a kid and I was in in them year round. My family traveled the western US for weeks every summer. I hiked the Grand Canyon top to bottom at the age of 16. I started hunting 15 years ago deer turkey and small game. Deer hunting white tail in the Ozark Mountains has provided countless memories. When rifle hunting got too easy I turned to archery. There are few feelings like rattling in a bruiser buck to 30 yards in the cool October afternoons while trying to keep still enough to snap off a shot. In 2010 I discovered waterfowl hunting. I loved everything about the sport. The chase, the concealment, the calling, getting the spread just right and then changing it an hour later, you become a winter weather expert almost over night, Most people complain about winter and there you are waiting for the ponds to freeze forcing the ducks to your field! I hunt primarily in south east Missouri for ducks and geese.


Austin Minnehan

I was born and raised in small town central Iowa. I began hunting as soon as I was able to carry a shotgun. I attribute my love for the outdoors to my Uncle Brian. In the spring you'll find me in the turkey blind or setting up a snow goose spread. In the summer I am hanging up my tree stands and trail cameras. Once fall is here I spend most of the time chasing waterfowl and occasionally trying to fit in an archery hunt during the rut and a pheasant hunt or two!



Justin Lantz

My name is Justin Lantz I reside in northern Indiana with my family. I thank God everyday I get to spend it with my family and friends enjoying the outdoors.


Luke Hengen

Born and raised in central Wisconsin, 21 years old, and brought up through life around  hunting 24/7. I graduated high school early at the age of 17. I then went off to work for a company that travels all over the mid -west burying underground utility. With my work ethic and drive to succeed I am now a Foreman and work hard to support my family and hunting addiction.  During the summer months I enjoy my weekends playing men's softball with the guys and paying my dues back to farmers that let us hunt. Also spending as much time with my family of two girls Marlie (3) and Lennon (1) and can't forget the wife.  With a busy life of working on the road 5 days a week and staying in a hotel 4 nights I still find time to be a family man and also squeeze time in to serve my community by volunteering with the Pardeeville Fire Department. When waterfowl season comes around I can smell my lay-off season coming due to ground freezing, just in time  for north winds and big pushes of birds.





Evan Yaden

Growing up in Eastern Kentucky, hunting has always been a part of my life. Started out in the woods deer and turkey hunting. We are not on any major flyways, but now duck hunting is my passion. I've been chasing fowl for 10+ years. Whether it's on a farm pond here in Ky or the flooded timber of Arkansas, a cold December or January morning is my favorite time of year.  I'm excited to be a Team Hero member. And look forward to sharing a blind with all those who follow.

Tyler Jetton

Waterfowl is life. To me there is no better kind of hunting. I've been duck hunting for several years now and I live the Waterfowl life 365 days a year. Season is not just 60 days for me. I enjoy the preparation that takes place year round. I'm married to my wonderful wife and have two great kids. When not thinking about Waterfowl or rigging Hero Decoys, I work as a supervisor for a hazardous waste disposal facility. I'm very proud to represent Hero Decoys and everything they stand for.


Paul Crabtree

I'm 41 years old and married with three children. I was born and raised in South Mississippi and still call this place home. I've been in the outdoors and hunting since I was about 5 years old. I've only been hunting waterfowl for about 7 years but it's something that has really grabbed ahold of me. I love to bring my kids and other kids hunting and pass on that outdoor tradition to the next generation. I look forward to each year and who I will meet and what I will learn.


Tucker Ward

I am a right handed pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks Organization. I love waterfowl hunting. It's something from the moment I started it became a passion of mine. From the early morning wake up calls to get to the blind to seeing a dog go get a down bird, every facet of a hunt I love being around. Good hunters are made from good hunts, a good hunt is made by conservation. I love conservation just as much as hunting. We must practice moral hunting and bag limits to ensure a waterfowl future for ourselves and generations to come. Waterfowl is a passion of mine and it is something I hope to share with Hero. Whether it be through the product or a social media platform as well as hunt I want to buy in to the product because it is something I believe is quality made, and I love the family aspect of the company.




New Hampshire


Rhode Island


New York

Pat Ayles

Waterfowl is and always has been my passion and my obsession. But I do enjoy bow hunting with My oldest daughter. My Dad was my hero who originally fueled my love for the sport. For me waterfowl hunting is more than just a hobby. It is an opportunity to become closer to friends and family by bonding over a passion we all have. I am 40 years old and live in Hamlin N.Y, which is a small town near lake Ontario from which I do the majority of my hunting. I am truly honored to be a part of a family business like Hero Outdoor Products, and consider myself lucky to represent the best in the business.


Tim Gross

I'm a die cast Forman from Latrobe, PA. I've been hunting waterfowl for 14 years. Recently got my first Chesapeake bay retriever named Rowdy. He is now on his second season. From September to February you can find me and him chasing birds all over Western PA.

New Jersey

South Carolina

G.K. Young

I play professional baseball for the Padres! I also was apart of the 2016 national champions with Coastal Carolina!  I travel around in my off-season and duck hunt which is my first love!


Cameron Blinn

I grew up in a southern lifestyle. I remember at an early age that my grandfather would take me fishing and taught me how to shoot. It was not until when I got into college till I learned about my passion for waterfowl. It not just limiting out that gets me excited. It`s getting out in God's creation is what I like as well. Every hunt has a story and every hunt makes more memories.




West Virginia

North Carolina



Ariel Rodriguezmesa

I grew up in Tempe Arizona where my parents started my love for the outdoors at an early age. My parents took my older brother and I camping and fishing. They encouraged my outdoor passion even more with Cub/Boy Scouts earning my Eagle Scout. While growing up I did some Dove hunting with friends around AZ. I really fell in love with hunting till 2006-2007 while I was station at Fort Drum NY. I meet my buddy Don Speers who taught me how to hunt and have a true passion for the outdoors. He invited me duck hunting and that is where I fell in love with the sport. Don was a true teacher/mentor of hunting. Along with hunting he made sure to teach me what it means to be a hunter and an outdoorsmen.

Ryan Woodard

My dad took me on my first deer hunt when I was 5. I have been hooked ever since.  I’m a huge bow hunter, shooting a bow since the age 5. Recently I picked up traditional archery and can’t wait for opening day. I have been blessed to take 3 pope and young whitetails with my bow. All scoring over 140, highest being 150. That said, any deer harvested is a blessing and a trophy. Duck hunting is just as much important to deer hunting is to me.  I primarily duck hunt in western Oklahoma with the once a year trip to Arkansas. The sport of duck hunting is special to me. I am a volunteer with Delta Waterfowl and I am a huge believer in what the do for the ducks as far as predator management up north. The things that i love about duck  hunting is "working ducks" getting them to commit all the way!  My priorities are God, my family & hunting.  I live in Mustang,OK ( born and raised ) I'm married and have 3 beautiful little girls.

Scott Stoneman

I have been a regional chairman for DU for the last two years, a member for 5, and an avid waterfowl hunter for over 6. I love the hometown product. My favorite thing about the hunt is the fellowship and friendships made along the way.


Blaine Ingram

Blaine was raised in south Texas around San Antonio, where his passion for the outdoors developed. He started deer hunting at a young age and during college made the transition to ducks as his primary game to hunt. Blaine graduated from the University of North Texas and currently resides in the metroplex and has been a part of RedLegOutfitters out of Paris, TX since 2010.

Caleb Peterson

I am from Kilgore, Texas. I have a full time job in the oil and gas industry but I am also the owner of Fowl Mouth Boys. We do guided waterfowl hunts on public land from time to time, but not constantly because of my main job. I have been hunting waterfowl for around 6-8 years now and deer for around 15 years. All of my duck hunting is done on public land. I like it that way because it is more of a challenge to me personally.

Tyler Spitzmiller

Born and raised in East Texas. I grew up hunting and fishing with my dad and grandpa. By far my favorite hunting is duck hunting. I remember my very first hunt like it was yesterday. Everything about it had me hooked at 8 years old. I am a Drake Waterfowl Field Expert and I love getting behind a camera and capturing everything about the outdoors so that I can share it with others.


Kevin Hutchenson

I've been in retail business for over 32 years, I am currently involved with Christian Waterfowl association and event coordinator for all last 3 years. Been an avid duck hunter last 7 years . I have have small outdoor business selling Lanyards and bow slings and help promote Hero Outdoor Products in the state of Arkansas.


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